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Art collaboration: Wakaba X Kensuke Takahashi

by yuji taike 07 Jun 2024

Kensuke Takahashi transforms Wakaba's matcha store

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Artist: Kensuke Takahashi

Yokohama based painter and illustrator

From a young age, Kensuke started immersing himself in the world of fine arts. In
2005, he made a serious commitment to pursuing a career in this field. With his
artistic talent and creative freedom, Kensuke ventures beyond traditional
boundaries to create diverse artwork for festivals, events, business illustrations,
jacket designs for musicians, and more.

This expansive repertoire showcases the breadth and diversity of his artistic
endeavours. In 2012, Kensuke had his debut solo exhibition in Yokohama which
was well-received and led to further recognition in Tokyo and Nagoya.
his solid descriptive ability, precise, technique, free imagination that transcends
reality, Kensuke is active in a wide range of craft of artwork. His crafts includes,
large-scale artwork for government,, mural in restaurant and stores, and artwork for
large corporations. 

Kensuke primarily contributes his artwork to Roland, which includes: Visual artwork
for new products of the “Aira Series”; as well as Yokohama Brewery’s limited label
design, Rickie-G’s “follow your heart” jacket design, and Yu Mamiya feat. El Da
Sensei “HOW I WRITE IT”’s 7 in. jacket illustration, to name a few.
Kensuke took part and staged artworks in various location including: Yokohama
Reggae Festival, Yokosuka, Machida, Hachioji, Nagoya, Kobe, Macau, San Diego,
Thailand, and many other places 


Japan has a rich history of art that has been cherished and celebrated for centuries.
From traditional woodblock prints to contemporary manga and anime, Japanese art
has captured the hearts of people around the world. The intricate details, vibrant
colors, and deep symbolism in Japanese art continue to captivate and inspire people around the world. 

At matcha-specialty cafe WAKABA  we are proud to
showcase Kensuke’s stunning illustration of Japanese art that beautifully reflects
the country's culture and traditions. As you browse through our exquisite collection,
you'll find a harmonious blend of traditional and modern art forms, each telling a
unique story.


Our goal is to provide art aficionados the chance to engage with the fascinating
realm of Japanese art and incorporate a part of this marvelous culture into their
own lives. Explore our store today for an immersive experience in the compelling
world of Japanese art. Whether you seek to add sophistication to your home or
wish to delve into the allure of Japanese art, we welcome you to join us at Marienstraße 26 Düsseldorf, Germany. 


Follow painter Kensuke on Instagram


930 x 520px


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